IT Recycling

Are you aware of the harm you are causing to the environment as well as the ecology of the planet by dumping your old computers and other unused information technology equipment in the nearest landfill? These gadgets contain heavy metals such as Cadmium and Zinc as well as precious metals like silver and gold. When you dump them in a landfill, they remain over there for some months before they start to decompose. The decomposed salts lead to toxification (the conversion of chemical compounds into a more toxic form in substrates such as water and soil or in living organisms) of the metals. As a result, trees and plants in the region suffer when their roots suck water from the toxified soil. As a result, the vegetables and fruits growing in them contain a dangerous proportion of toxic chemical compounds. Apart from this, these chemical compounds also toxify water bodies near the landfill. When fish and other living bodies in those water bodies drink the water, they too become contaminated. Are you aware of the health results you stand to suffer from if you eat those contaminated vegetables, fruits, or fishes? You can easily overcome these problems by handing over your unnecessary IT equipment to IT recycling companies.

More information on IT recycling

Check the instruction manual

Go through the instruction manual you received along with your computer. All big and reputable manufacturers of computers and other IT equipment have a recycling plan. You can contact them and provide details about the equipment you no longer need. They will send their personnel who will collect the gadgets from your home and pass it on to an IT recycling firm. The staffs of these firms first separate the different components of the computer such as the electronic circuit boards, the monitor, and the plastic case, and then start the recycling process. They keep apart parts that are working and melt the PVC casing and convert them into small re-usable pellets. Manufacturers of monitors can use these pellets for manufacturing new computer cases. The staffs of the IT recycling company then removes the heavy and precious metals, melts them, and sell them to manufacturers of motherboards and other IT equipment, who then use them for manufacturing new motherboards and parts. This lowers down the manufacturing cost of IT equipment as well as ensures that the ecology remains safe. If this is not enough, you also help prevent the generation of carbon dioxide as well as reduce air pollution too.

Saving energy

It requires less energy to recycle materials rather than process raw materials from the earth to manufacture gold, silver, and other metals found in IT equipment. Recycling helps reduce energy costs required to transport raw materials from the mines to the factory that processes them to extract metals. For your information, it is also possible to recycle the cardboard container in which your computer and other IT equipment was packed in. Just think about the number of trees you are saving from being cut by recycling the cardboard boxes, and you can easily understand the value of opting for IT recycling.