6 Facebook For Business Marketing Tips

6 Facebook For Business Marketing Tips

Facebook For Business Marketing

Facebook for business is one of the best social media site to date and it an extremely powerful platform, not only does it connect people, it also connects brands, charities and entire nations.

Top tips for marketing your videos on Facebook

  1. Always have a plan: Like with all your marketing efforts, make sure you have a plan. Don’t just start making random videos and hope your audience will bit the bait.
  2. Make it entertaining or informative: Let’s be honest, we don’t go onto Facebook to get bored out of our heads, on the contrary, we go onto Facebook because we are bored. If You are adding videos to Facebook for business marketing then make sure you entertain your audience.
  3. Use Facebook Paid Advertising: Facebook PPC is very affordable and could potentially give your video thousands of views and shares. Just make sure to follow point one and you should do well.
  4. The more videos you post the better: Facebook, like Google runs on content. People go onto their favorite social networking website to keep busy and get informed. Your Facebook audience will quicker watch a video then read an article, so try to post as many videos as you can, to keep them engaged.
  5. Try posting out of business times: Have a go I dare you! I promise you will be surprised. Don’t just post your marketing video during office hours. Your most of your audience might be busy then, expand you reach and share your videos later in the day.
  6. Dont Spam: Whatever you do, please don’t spam your Facebook friends or followers, as a rule of thumb, 1 marketing post for every 9 posts. Don’t just bombard people with your content Facebook is about engaging your audience.

What is your experience in using video marketing on Facebook? Do you do anything different?

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